The Ultimate Guide How To Play Roulette

November 25, 2019

Roulette is a game found in casinos and gambling where in this game, the dealer will turn the “small wheel” in a direction. It is followed by throwing a small ball in the opposite direction on a rounded tilted surface which causes the ball will spin and fall on the wheel surface on one of 37 (in European roulette) or 38 (in American roulette) coloured and framed boxes on the wheel. In the Roulette dish, the zero slots are green and numbered slots from 1 to 36 are divided into some colours, namely black and red.

The Ultimate Guide How To Play Roulette

Besides the wheels will be provided, there is a place to place bets which are numbered from 0 to 36 with alternating colors, namely black and red except 0 (green). The difference in the number wheel is not made sequentially around it.

How to play Roulette

  1. Before playing, always look for Roulette that has preferably free rules and always strives to place bets on one of the tables on the outside
  2. Always look for opportunities on the outside such as Black or White, Even or Odd, Up or Down, Column or Tens. It will be difficult if you have to determine the bet immediately, but you have to choose one of them, and this will help you
  3. Try to always pay attention to the Roulette game before placing your bet, because previous games can help you to predict correctly to place bets on the next game. If you meet in a series of 10, it is red, and you also have to commit to putting red in the next game. This one tip is the main trigger and is the most two factor commonly used by players
  4. For the next trip this is very important, we can say that multiplying the exercise will make you a perfect person. Here we mean by training yourself to play in Free Roulette Gambling that does not need to use playing credit or without a deposit to hone your skills so that it is even more significant when playing using Original Rupiah Money
  5. Always make a backup. We suppose that you have won a lot from gambling Roulette from the beginning of your capital is 1 million, then you succeed in winning in the amount of 2 million, then your initial capital is 1 million, try to withdraw and save, if you want to play again please use winning money 1 million you to continue the game
  6. Check the history of the table you want to play. If you are sure of the table, please keep the game. Concentration is your primary weapon for Winning Roulette. You do not play to win a lot, but play for fun
  7. Always remember to exterior play European Roulette and don’t play in American Roulette, because of the number 00 that is seen often traps players so that they will experience losses
  8. If you play Roulette Online on the Internet, always pay attention to those who offer the game whether it can be trusted or not. We suggest that you should play on SBobet Casino because the quality of all sports has proven good
  9. The ninth tip is closer to Casino Roulette on land. Before your turn starts the round, you should first check the slope on the Roulette table you are playing. ,  recognition if the hill can make even numbers more often come out than odd numbers or vice versa, of course, this will hurt you
  10. Always save what you have found on the Internet. Use what you have discovered and save beforehand like How to Play and Win Roulette Casino to be a guide for yourself so you can play comfortably and win.


The Ultimate Guide How To Play Roulette can definitely help gamblers to play more awesome winnings while playing roulette game. It is the important to have extra information before start playing the game most especially online gambling games.

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